American Assassin (2017) - Movie Review

There are moments in life that are powerful enough to change our way of thinking (for better or worse) and, in more extreme cases, reshape one’s beliefs and goals, in just a matter of seconds. BOOM! Just like that. You see your life crumbling and there is nothing you can do about it, except to suffer and feel the pain. Everything will be different from now on, and that is all thanks to that specific event… Mitch Rapp, played by DylanO’Brien (Maze Runner and Teen Wolf), experiences something very similar, in American Assassin’s opening credits.
Mitch had just got engaged when a terrorist attack is unleashed and he is forced to witness his girlfriend’s death, feeling powerless. This causes Mitch to embark on a vindictive journey, fueled by hatred and the unsettling need of revenge. Dylan plays this conflicted side of his character very convincingly, making the audience root for him, throughout the film. The movie is directed by MichaelCuesta, someone who is used to working on TV shows b…

Logan Lucky (2017) - Movie Review

Steven Soderbergh (Ocean’s trilogy and Magic Mike) returns to mainstream cinema with Logan Lucky, after a four year break from directing films. One of the main reasons that led to his retirement was the fact that filmmakers have been losing creative control over their cinematic vision, in favor of whatever the studio wants. So, why is he back, then? Well, for starters, Soderbergh managed to avoid any studio’s pressure by creating a company all by himself.

He was in control of every aspect related to Logan Lucky; the distribution was handled by him and even the marketing campaign was put into motion by his own company! Business structures aside, let’s dive into the film itself. Logan Lucky is a heist/comedy film that follows the story of the Logans, two brothers who are supposedly jinxed with bad luck. Channing Tatum plays Jimmy Logan, a miner who is fired at the beginning of the movie due to him being an insurance liability, as a result of his limping leg. This is the event that trigg…

Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) - Movie Review

On the lead up to Kingsman: The Golden Circle coming out later this month, I have decided to go back in time and share my thoughts on the first installment. It has been three years since the theaters played The Secret Service, which was written and directed by Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: The First Class). The film follows the troubled story of Eggsy, a young man whose decisions in life are a bit dubious, to say the least and an international spy agency comprised of skilled and resourceful British gentleman who kick ass (Kick Ass was also a movie directed by Vaughn).
Brought to life by TaronEgerton, the character of Eggsy feels human and fleshed out; once he meets Kingsman operative ColinFirth’s Harry Hart (who owes his life to Eggsy’s father), Eggsy understands that manners make the man. Samuel L. Jackson is great in this as well, playing Valentine, a twisted tech genius with a lisp who is sure he is in possession of a worldwide cure. The cast is stellar overall; MichaelCaine and Mark Stro…

American Made (2017) - Movie Review

The film is a rocky ride set in the late ’70s/ early ’80s. America is trying to contain and suppress the communists’ rise while the Medellin Cartel, led by Pablo Escobar in its headquarters in Colombia, is attempting to smuggle their product across the border. Guns, drugs and so much money that you could not even count it; you know, the usual deal. This may sound like I am talking about Netflix’s Narcos but trust me, the story that is told here has never been explored before. It is the story of Barry Seal, the gringo that always delivers.

American Made reunites director Doug Liman with Tom Cruise, three years after collaborating in 2014’s Edge of Tomorrow. Let me tell you this, right off the bat: this film tries to fix or at least change a recurring problem in past Cruise efforts; yes, the film revolves around Barry Seal’s journey but is not as Tom Cruise centered as other films, like The Mummy, for instance. Now, back to movie in question. There is a lot more going on in the backgroun…